All machines (1981)

Name Manufacturer Date
Gaucho Gottlieb January, 1963
Gay 90's Williams January, 1970
Gay Paree Williams January, 1957
Geisha Playmatic January, 1973
Geisha Playmatic January, 1973
Gemini Gottlieb January, 1978
Genesis Gottlieb January, 1986
Genie Gottlieb January, 1979
Georgia Williams July, 1950
Getaway Allied Leisure January, 1977
The Getaway: High Speed II Williams February, 1992
Ghostbusters (LE) Stern January, 2016
Ghostbusters (Premium) Stern January, 2016
Ghostbusters (Pro) Stern January, 2016
Gigi Gottlieb December, 1963
Gilligan's Island Bally April, 1991
Gin Chicago Coin November, 1974
Gladiator Gottlieb January, 1956
Gladiators Gottlieb January, 1993
Glamor Gottlieb July, 1951
Global Warfare Game Plan June, 1981
Globe Trotter Gottlieb November, 1951
Go-Cart Keeney May, 1963
The Godfather Jersey Jack Pinball March, 2023
Godzilla Sega January, 1998
Godzilla (Premium/LE) Stern September, 2021
Godzilla (Pro) Stern September, 2021
Goin' Nuts Gottlieb February, 1983
Gold Ball Bally January, 1983
Gold Mine Chicago Coin January, 1975
Gold Record Chicago Coin April, 1975
Gold Rush Williams April, 1971
Gold Rush Bally April, 1966
Gold Star Gottlieb July, 1954
Gold Strike Gottlieb January, 1975
Gold Wings Gottlieb January, 1986
Golden Arrow Gottlieb August, 1977
Golden Bells Williams February, 1959
Golden Cue Sega June, 1998
Golden Gloves Williams January, 1960
Goldeneye Sega March, 1996
Gondolier Gottlieb August, 1958
Gorgar Williams January, 1979
Granada Williams March, 1972
Grand Champion Williams August, 1953
Grand Lizard Williams January, 1986
Grand Prix Stern June, 2005
Grand Prix Williams December, 1976
Grand Slam Bally January, 1983
Grand Slam Petaco January, 1972
Grand Slam Gottlieb April, 1953
Grand Slam Gottlieb August, 1972
Grand Slam Rally Multimorphic December, 2018
Grand Tour Bally June, 1964
Grande Domino Gottlieb November, 1968
Granny and the Gators Bally January, 1984
Green Pastures Gottlieb January, 1954
Gridiron Gottlieb December, 1977
Groovy Gottlieb July, 1970
Guardians of the Galaxy Stern November, 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy (LE) Stern December, 2017
Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium) Stern December, 2017
Gulfstream Williams May, 1973
Gulfstream Segasa January, 1974
Gun Club Williams October, 1953
Gun Men Staal January, 1977
Gun Smoke Chicago Coin January, 1968
Gunner Playmatic January, 1974
Guns N' Roses Data East July, 1994
Guns N' Roses Jersey Jack Pinball October, 2020
Guns N' Roses (CE) Jersey Jack Pinball October, 2020
Guns N' Roses (LE) Jersey Jack Pinball October, 2020
Gusher Williams September, 1958
Guys Dolls Gottlieb May, 1953
Gypsy Queen Gottlieb February, 1955
Hairy Singers Rally January, 1966
Halley Comet Juegos Populares January, 1986
Halloween (SE) Spooky Pinball August, 2021
Handicap Williams June, 1952
Hang Glider Bally December, 1976
Hang-On Segasa January, 1988
Happy Clown Gottlieb November, 1964
Happy Days Gottlieb July, 1952
Happy Papeete Rally January, 1963
Happy Tour Bally June, 1964
Happy-Go-Lucky Gottlieb March, 1951
Harbor Lites Gottlieb February, 1956
Hardbody Bally March, 1987
Harem Playmatic January, 1974
Harem Cat Universal January, 1979
Harlem Globetrotters On Tour Bally August, 1978
Harley Davidson Stern January, 1999
Harley Davidson Bally February, 1991
Harley Davidson Sega January, 1999
Harley-Davidson (2nd Edition) Stern January, 2002
Harley-Davidson (3rd Edition) Stern January, 2002
Harmony Gottlieb August, 1967
Harvest Bally October, 1964
Harvest Time Genco September, 1950
Harvey Williams May, 1951