All machines (2072)

Name Manufacturer Date
Diamond Lady Gottlieb February, 1988
Diamond Lill Gottlieb December, 1954
Dimension Gottlieb February, 1971
Diner Williams January, 1990
Ding Dong Williams February, 1968
Dipsy Doodle Williams December, 1970
Dirty Harry Williams March, 1995
Disco Stern Electronics June, 1977
Disco '79 Allied Leisure June, 1979
Disco Fever Williams January, 1978
Discotek Bally September, 1965
Disk Jockey Williams November, 1952
Disney TRON: Legacy Stern May, 2011
Disney TRON: Legacy (LE) Stern June, 2011
Dixieland Bally April, 1968
Doctor Who Bally January, 1992
Dodge City Gottlieb July, 1965
Dogies Bally January, 1968
Dolly Parton Bally October, 1978
Dolphin Chicago Coin March, 1974
Domino Gottlieb September, 1968
Domino Williams May, 1952
Domino's Spectacular Pinball Adventure Spooky Pinball July, 2016
Don Quijote Recel January, 1979
Dona Elvira 2 Sleic January, 1996
Doodle Bug Williams March, 1971
Doozie Williams August, 1968
Double Action Genco December, 1951
Double Action Gottlieb December, 1958
Double Barrel Williams August, 1961
Double-Feature Gottlieb December, 1950
Double-Shuffle Gottlieb June, 1949
Double-Up Bally October, 1970
Dr. Dude And His Excellent Ray Bally January, 1990
Dracula Stern Electronics January, 1979
Dragon Gottlieb October, 1978
Dragon Interflip December, 1977
Dragon (EM) Gottlieb October, 1978
Dragonette Gottlieb June, 1954
Dragonfist Stern Electronics January, 1982
Drained For Amusement Only Games November, 2022
Drained Bite-Sized For Amusement Only Games October, 2023
Dreamy Williams February, 1950
Drop-A-Card Gottlieb November, 1971
Ducks Playmatic January, 1975
Duette Gottlieb March, 1955
Duette Deluxe Gottlieb March, 1955
Dungeon Door Defender Mocean September, 2023
Dungeons & Dragons Bally January, 1987
Duotron Gottlieb September, 1974
Dyn O' Mite Allied Leisure January, 1975
Eager Beaver Williams April, 1965
Earth Wind Fire Zaccaria January, 1981
Earthshaker Williams February, 1989
Easy Aces Gottlieb December, 1955
Eclipse Gottlieb January, 1982
Egg Head Gottlieb December, 1961
Eight Ball Bally January, 1977
Eight Ball Champ Bally January, 1985
Eight Ball Deluxe Bally April, 1981
Eight Ball Deluxe (LE) Bally October, 1982
El Dorado Europlay January, 1976
El Dorado Gottlieb March, 1975
El Dorado City of Gold Gottlieb January, 1984
El Paso Williams November, 1948
El Toro Williams August, 1963
El Toro Bally April, 1972
Electra-Pool Gottlieb October, 1965
Electric Hockey Exhibit January, 1953
Elektra Bally March, 1981
Eleven Belles Keeney January, 1958
Elite Guard Gottlieb February, 1968
Elton John Jersey Jack Pinball October, 2023
Elvira and the Party Monsters Bally January, 1989
Elvira's House of Horrors (Premium/LE) Stern September, 2019
Elvis Stern August, 2004
Embryon Bally June, 1981
The Empire Strikes Back Hankin June, 1980
Eros One Fascination Game March, 1979
Escape Jac Van Ham January, 1987
Escape from the Lost World Bally January, 1988
Escape From The Megaverse Megaverse Project June, 2022
Evel Knievel Bally June, 1977
Evel Knievel (EM) Bally September, 1976
Evil Fight Playmatic March, 1980
Evolution Jeutel January, 1986
Excalibur Gottlieb January, 1988
Explorer Nordamatic January, 1976
Explorer Sega January, 1976
Expo Williams October, 1969
Expressway Bally August, 1971
Extra Inning Gottlieb May, 1971
Eye Of The Tiger Gottlieb June, 1978
F-14 Tomcat Williams March, 1987
F1 Grand Prix Bell Games January, 1987
Fabulous 50's Viza Manufacturing January, 1978
Faces Sonic January, 1976
Faeton Juegos Populares January, 1985
Fair Fight Recel May, 1978
Fair Lady Gottlieb November, 1956