All machines (1961)

Name Manufacturer Date
Big Valley Bally May, 1970
Bike Race Sleic January, 1992
Bird Man Sonic January, 1978
Black Belt Bally July, 1986
Black Fever Playmatic January, 1980
Black Flag Playmatic May, 1975
Black Flag Playmatic January, 1973
Black Gold Williams September, 1975
Black Hole Giuliano Lodola January, 1980
Black Hole Gottlieb January, 1981
Black Jack Bally April, 1977
Black Jack Williams November, 1960
Black Jack (EM) Bally May, 1976
Black Knight Williams January, 1980
Black Knight (LE) Williams June, 1981
Black Knight 2000 Williams January, 1989
Black Knight: Sword of Rage (Premium) Stern March, 2019
Black Knight: Sword of Rage (Pro) Stern March, 2019
Black Magic Recel June, 1980
Black Pyramid Bally July, 1984
Black Reed Inder January, 1975
Black Rider Giuliano Lodola January, 1981
Black Rose Bally July, 1992
Black Sheep Squadron Astro Games January, 1979
Black Velvet Game Plan May, 1978
Blackbelt Zaccaria March, 1986
Blackout Williams June, 1980
Blackwater 100 Bally March, 1988
Blast Off Williams May, 1967
Blondie Chicago Coin June, 1956
Bloody China Komplett January, 1985
Bloody Roller Playbar January, 1987
Blue Chip Williams December, 1976
Blue Max Chicago Coin July, 1975
Blue Note Gottlieb February, 1979
Blue Ribbon Bally December, 1965
BMX Bally January, 1982
Bo Bo Williams January, 1961
Bobby Orr's Power Play Bally February, 1977
Bomber Chicago Coin March, 1951
Bon Voyage Bally November, 1974
Bonanza Gottlieb June, 1964
Bone Busters Inc. Gottlieb January, 1989
Bongo Bally March, 1964
Boogie Allied Leisure January, 1976
Boomerang Bally December, 1974
Boot-A-Ball Bally June, 1967
Boston Williams January, 1949
Bounty Hunter Gottlieb July, 1985
Bow and Arrow Bally November, 1975
Bowl A Strike Williams November, 1965
Bowl-O Bally April, 1970
Bowling Flipper Rally January, 1961
Bowling Queen Gottlieb July, 1964
Bram Stoker's Dracula Williams January, 1993
Brave Team Inder January, 1985
Breakshot Capcom May, 1996
Bride of Pinbot Williams February, 1991
Bride of Pinbot 2.0 Dutch Pinball November, 2014
Bristol Hills Gottlieb January, 1971
Brite Star Gottlieb February, 1958
Bronco Chicago Coin November, 1963
Bronco Gottlieb April, 1977
Buccaneer Gottlieb June, 1976
Buccaneer Gottlieb October, 1948
Buck Rogers Mambelli January, 1979
Buck Rogers Gottlieb January, 1980
Buckaroo Gottlieb June, 1965
Buffalo Bill Gottlieb May, 1950
Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball Bally January, 1991
Bull's Eye Bally December, 1965
Bullfight Bally January, 1965
Bumper Pool Gottlieb June, 1969
Bus Stop Bally December, 1964
Bushido Inder January, 1993
Butterfly Sonic November, 1977
Buttons and Bows Gottlieb March, 1949
C.O.D. Williams September, 1953
Cabaret Williams December, 1968
Cactus Canyon Bally January, 1998
Cactus Canyon (Remake Special/LE) Chicago Gaming November, 2021
Cactus Canyon Continued Eric Priepke December, 2012
Cactus Jack's Gottlieb January, 1991
Caddie Playmatic January, 1970
Caddie Playmatic January, 1975
Camel Lights Game Plan May, 1978
Camelot Bally February, 1970
Campus Queen Bally August, 1966
Can Can Williams August, 1955
Canada Dry Gottlieb January, 1976
Canasta Genco July, 1950
Canasta 86 Inder January, 1986
Cannes Segasa June, 1976
Cannon Lagoon Multimorphic July, 2017
Capersville Bally December, 1966
Capri Chicago Coin August, 1956
Capt. Card Gottlieb May, 1974
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Bally September, 1975
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (Home Model) Bally January, 1977
Captain Hook Game Plan January, 1985