All machines (1882)

Name Manufacturer Date
The Hobbit Jersey Jack Pinball December, 2015
Hockey Girl Rally January, 1964
Hoe Down Allied Leisure March, 1978
Hokus Pokus Bally April, 1975
Hollywood Chicago Coin February, 1976
Hollywood Williams May, 1961
Hollywood Heat Gottlieb June, 1986
Home Run Gottlieb May, 1971
Honey Williams May, 1972
Hong Kong Williams September, 1952
Hook Data East May, 1992
Hoops Gottlieb February, 1991
Hootenanny Bally November, 1963
Horsefeathers Williams January, 1952
Horseshoes Williams December, 1951
Hot & Cold (1P) Inder January, 1976
Hot & Cold (4P) Inder January, 1978
Hot Diggity Williams May, 1956
Hot Fire Birds Nsm January, 1985
Hot Hand Stern June, 1979
Hot Line Williams September, 1966
Hot Race A.M.I. January, 1975
Hot Shot Gottlieb September, 1973
Hot Shots Gottlieb January, 1989
Hot Tip Williams June, 1977
Hot Tip (EM) Williams June, 1977
Hot Wheels Zaccaria January, 1979
Hot Wheels American Pinball June, 2020
Hotdoggin' Bally December, 1979
Houdini: Master of Mystery American Pinball October, 2017
House of Diamonds Zaccaria July, 1978
Hula-Hula Chicago Coin July, 1965
The Hunter Bell Coin Matic January, 1980
Hurdy Gurdy Gottlieb June, 1966
Hurricane Williams August, 1991
Hyde Park Gottlieb August, 1966
Icarus Recel September, 1977
Icarus Petaco January, 1972
Ice Fever Gottlieb February, 1985
Ice Mania I.D.I. January, 1985
Ice Show Gottlieb January, 1966
Ice-Revue Gottlieb December, 1965
Impact Interflip January, 1975
The Incredible Hulk Gottlieb January, 1979
Independence Day Sega January, 1996
Indiana Jones Stern May, 2008
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Williams January, 1993
Indianapolis 500 Bally June, 1995
Invader Ball Red Baron Amusements January, 1980
Invasion Strategy Komputer Dynamics January, 1976
Io Moon Sleic January, 1996
Iron Balls Unidesa January, 1987
Iron Maiden Stern October, 1981
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Stern April, 2018
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (LE) Stern April, 2018
Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium) Stern April, 2018
Iron Man Stern April, 2010
Iron Man (Vault) Stern January, 2014
Iron Man Classic Stern January, 2010
Jack In The Box Gottlieb February, 1973
Jack•Bot Williams January, 1995
Jackpot Williams April, 1971
Jacks Open Gottlieb February, 1977
Jacks to Open Gottlieb May, 1984
Jai Alai Segasa January, 1978
Jake Mate Recel January, 1974
Jalisco Interflip January, 1976
Jalopy Williams August, 1951
James Bond 007 Gottlieb January, 1980
James Cameron's Avatar Stern September, 2010
James Cameron's Avatar (LE) Stern November, 2010
Jeanie Exhibit June, 1950
Jet Spin Gottlieb October, 1977
The Jetsons Spooky Pinball February, 2017
Jig Saw Williams November, 1957
Jive Time Williams April, 1970
Jockey Club Gottlieb April, 1954
Johnny Mnemonic Williams January, 1995
Joker Playmatic January, 1974
Joker Bally June, 1968
Joker Gottlieb November, 1950
Joker Poker Gottlieb January, 1978
Joker Poker (EM) Gottlieb August, 1978
Joker's Wild Segasa January, 1977
Joker's Wild Venture Line January, 1978
Jokerz! Williams January, 1988
Jolly Joker Mondialmatic January, 1979
Jolly Jokers Williams January, 1962
Jolly Park Spinball January, 1995
Jolly Ride Playmatic January, 1974
Jolly Roger Williams December, 1967
Joly Captain Rally January, 1965
Joust Bally September, 1969
Joust Williams January, 1983
Jubilee Gottlieb May, 1955
Jubilee Williams June, 1973
Judge Dredd Bally January, 1993
Judy Exhibit July, 1950
Juke Box Chicago Coin September, 1976
Jump Shot Gottlieb January, 1972