All machines (1976)

Name Manufacturer Date
Lady Luck Williams March, 1968
Lady Luck Bally February, 1986
Lady Luck Gottlieb August, 1954
Lady Luck Recel January, 1976
Lady Robin Hood Gottlieb January, 1948
Lady Sharpshooter Game Plan May, 1985
Lancers Gottlieb August, 1961
Landing on Venus Rally January, 1965
Lap By Lap Inder January, 1986
Lariat Gottlieb September, 1969
Las Vegas Mattel January, 1977
Laser Ball Williams January, 1979
Laser Cue Williams February, 1984
Laser War Data East March, 1987
Last Action Hero Data East January, 1993
Last Lap Playmatic January, 1978
Lawman Gottlieb October, 1971
Lazy-Q Williams December, 1953
Le Grande 8 K.C. Tabart January, 1985
Le King Jeutel January, 1983
Lectronamo Stern Electronics January, 1978
Led Zeppelin (Premium/LE) Stern December, 2020
Led Zeppelin (Pro) Stern December, 2020
Legends of Valhalla Riot Pinball July, 2020
Legends of Valhalla (Classic/Deluxe) American Pinball October, 2021
Legends of Wrestlemania Stern April, 2015
Lethal Weapon 3 Data East January, 1992
Lexy Lightspeed – Secret Agent Showdown Multimorphic July, 2017
Lexy Lightspeed Escape From Earth Multimorphic July, 2017
Liberty Bell Williams April, 1977
Liberty Belle Gottlieb January, 1962
Lightning Stern Electronics March, 1981
Lightning Ball Gottlieb October, 1959
Lights...Camera...Action! Gottlieb January, 1989
Lite-A-Card Gottlieb February, 1960
Little Chief Williams September, 1975
Little Joe Bally August, 1972
Locomotion Zaccaria January, 1981
Looney Tunes (SE) Spooky Pinball January, 2024
Loop the Loop Bally September, 1966
Loop the Loop (AAB) Bally January, 1966
Lord of the Rings Stern November, 2003
Lord of the Rings (LE) Stern December, 2009
Lortium Juegos Populares January, 1987
Lost In Space Sega May, 1998
Lost World Bally August, 1978
The Lost World Jurassic Park Sega June, 1997
Love Bug Williams March, 1971
Lovely Lucy Gottlieb February, 1954
Lovers Mondialmatic January, 1979
Lucky Ace Segasa January, 1975
Lucky Ace Williams November, 1974
Lucky Card Gottlieb July, 1977
Lucky Draw Mirco Games June, 1978
Lucky Fruit Zaccaria January, 1975
Lucky Hand Gottlieb June, 1977
Lucky Inning Williams May, 1950
Lucky Man Nordamatic January, 1976
Lucky Seven Williams March, 1978
Lucky Seven Williams November, 1977
Lucky Shot C.E.A. January, 1978
Lucky Smile Inder January, 1976
Lucky Strike Gottlieb November, 1975
Lucky Strike Williams August, 1965
Lulu Williams December, 1954
Lunar Shot Williams August, 1967
Mac Attack Mr Game January, 1989
Mac Jungle Maguinas / Mac Pinball March, 1987
Mac's Galaxy Maguinas / Mac Pinball March, 1986
Mach 2 Spinball January, 1994
Mad Race Playmatic January, 1985
Mad World Bally May, 1964
Mademoiselle Gottlieb October, 1959
Madison Square Gardens Gottlieb June, 1950
The Mafia Team Pinball July, 2018
Magic Playmatic January, 1973
Magic Stern Electronics January, 1979
Magic Castle Zaccaria January, 1984
Magic Circle Bally June, 1965
Magic City Williams January, 1967
Magic Clock Williams December, 1960
Magic Girl Zidware February, 2017
Magic Picture Pin Arkon January, 1982
Magic Town Williams February, 1967
Magic Wizard Gottlieb December, 1971
Magnotron Gottlieb August, 1974
Majestic Gottlieb February, 1957
Majorettes Gottlieb August, 1964
Majorettes Williams April, 1952
The Mandalorian (Premium/LE) Stern May, 2021
The Mandalorian (Pro) Stern May, 2021
Manhattan United March, 1948
Marathon Gottlieb October, 1955
Marble Queen Gottlieb June, 1953
Mardi Gras Williams October, 1962
Mariner Bally November, 1971
Mario Andretti Gottlieb January, 1995
Mars God of War Gottlieb March, 1981
Mars Trek Sonic August, 1977
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Sega February, 1995