About OPDB

The Open Pinball Database (OPDB) is a searchable archive of pinball machines with a focus on providing a solid API for software developers who wish to incorporate pinball machine data into their apps.

The goals of OPDB are:

  • To assign unique identifiers (OPDB IDs) to every pinball machine
  • To provide a service free of charge
  • To facilitate data sharing between pinball software provider
  • To provide an open API

What is an OPDB ID?

Every machine in the database is assigned a unique identifier. This OPDB ID is designed to convey as much information as possible in the ID itself. Each OPDB ID is made up of three parts: A mandatory group identifier followed by an optional machine identifier and an optional alias identifier. A sample OPDB ID looks like: G43W4-MrRpw-A1B7O:

  • G43W4 identifies that this machine belongs to the AC/DC group of machines. The group identifier always begins with G.
  • MrRpw identifies that this machine is an AC/DC LE machine. The machine identifier always begins with M.
  • A1B7O identifies that this machines is the Back in Black variant of the AC/DC LE machine. The alias identifier always begins with an A.

Assigning each machine an ID consisting of these separate parts it's possible to see the relationship between machines just by examining their OPDB IDs.

What kinds of machines are included in the database?

Machines in OPDB are limited to pinball machines with powered flippers. In practice that means the database is limited to machines produced after 1948. Bingo machines, pitch-and-bat and other flipperless machines are excluded.

How do I get started with the API?

  1. Create a user account
  2. Generate an API token
  3. Head over to the API documentation

What do I do if a machine is missing?

Click the "Report problem" in the "My account" dropdown.

What do I do if I spot faulty data?

Click the "Report problem" link on the machine page to tell us.

Which pinball apps use OPDB data?