All machines (1888)

Name Manufacturer Date
Atlantis Bally January, 1989
Atlas Gottlieb April, 1959
Atleta Inder January, 1991
Attack Playmatic January, 1980
Attack from Mars Bally January, 1995
Attack From Mars (Remake LE) Chicago Gaming July, 2017
Attack From Mars (Remake Special) Chicago Gaming January, 2017
Attack From Mars (Remake) Chicago Gaming June, 2017
Attila the Hun Game Plan January, 1984
Austin Powers Stern June, 2001
Auto Race Gottlieb September, 1956
The Avengers (LE) Stern November, 2012
The Avengers (Premium) Stern January, 2012
The Avengers Stern November, 2012
Avengers: Infinity Quest (Premium/LE) Stern September, 2020
Avengers: Infinity Quest (Pro) Stern September, 2020
Aztec Williams July, 1976
Baby Doll Segasa January, 1975
Baby Pac-Man Bally January, 1982
Babyface United December, 1948
Back to the Future Data East June, 1990
Bad Cats Williams January, 1989
Bad Girls Gottlieb January, 1988
Bali-Hi Bally January, 1973
Ballerina Bally January, 1948
Balls-A-Poppin Bally August, 1956
The Bally Game Show Bally January, 1990
Bally Hoo Bally October, 1969
Band Wagon Williams May, 1955
Band Wagon Bally March, 1965
Bang! Bang! Recel January, 1974
Banjo Exhibit March, 1948
Bank Shot Gottlieb March, 1976
Bank-A-Ball Gottlieb May, 1950
Bank-A-Ball Gottlieb September, 1965
Banzai Run Williams May, 1988
Barb Wire Gottlieb January, 1996
Barnacle Bill Gottlieb January, 1948
Barracora Williams January, 1981
Baseball Gottlieb June, 1970
Batman Data East January, 1991
Batman (Standard Model) Stern January, 2010
Batman 66 (LE) Stern January, 2016
Batman 66 (Premium) Stern January, 2016
Batman Forever Sega July, 1995
Batman: The Dark Knight Stern August, 2008
Batter Up Gottlieb August, 1970
Baywatch Sega February, 1995
Bazaar Bally October, 1966
Be-Bop Exhibit March, 1950
Beach Games Rally January, 1962
Beat the Clock Bally January, 1985
Beat the Clock Williams December, 1963
Beat Time Williams September, 1967
The Beatles Stern November, 2018
Beatniks Chicago Coin January, 1967
Beatniks (AAB) Chicago Coin January, 1967
Beauty Queens Bally February, 1960
Ben-Hur Staal January, 1977
The Best Corsair Europlay January, 1976
The Best Jump Mondialmatic January, 1979
Big Bang Bar Capcom January, 1996
Big Bang Bar Pinball Manufacturing Inc. June, 2007
Big Ben Williams May, 1954
Big Ben Williams April, 1975
Big Ben Segasa January, 1975
Big Brave Gottlieb June, 1974
Big Buck Hunter Pro Stern January, 2010
Big Casino Gottlieb July, 1961
Big Chief Williams September, 1965
Big Daddy Williams September, 1963
Big Day Bally August, 1964
Big Deal Williams May, 1977
Big Deal Williams February, 1963
Big Dryvers Mondialmatic January, 1979
Big Flipper Chicago Coin January, 1970
Big Foot Bally January, 1978
Big Game Stern March, 1980
Big Guns Williams October, 1987
Big Guns Unidesa January, 1987
Big Hit Gottlieb March, 1977
Big Hit Chicago Coin July, 1952
Big House Gottlieb April, 1989
Big Hunt A.M.I. January, 1976
Big Indian Gottlieb February, 1974
Big Jack Gottlieb October, 1968
Big Kick Sega January, 1977
Big League Baseball Chicago Coin May, 1955
The Big Lebowski Dutch Pinball May, 2015
Big Shot Gottlieb August, 1973
Big Show Bally January, 1974
Big Star Williams September, 1972
Big Strike Williams August, 1966
Big Together Sega January, 1977
Big Top Gottlieb January, 1964
Big Top Wico January, 1977
Big Town Playmatic January, 1978
Big Valley Bally May, 1970
Bike Race Sleic January, 1992
Bird Man Sonic January, 1978