All machines (1950)

Name Manufacturer Date
Spooksville Allied Leisure January, 1973
Spooky Zaccaria January, 1987
Sportsman Williams February, 1952
Spot Bowler Gottlieb October, 1950
Spot Pool Gottlieb March, 1976
Spot-A-Card Gottlieb August, 1960
Spot-Pool Williams February, 1959
Spring Break Gottlieb January, 1987
Springtime Genco March, 1952
Spy Hunter Bally January, 1984
Square Head Gottlieb June, 1963
St. Louis Williams February, 1949
Stage Coach Gottlieb December, 1954
Stage Coach Chicago Coin June, 1968
Stampede Chicago Coin February, 1977
Stampede Stern February, 1977
Star Action Williams January, 1974
Star Battle Cisco March, 1978
Star Explorer Cic Play January, 1977
Star Fire Playmatic January, 1985
Star Gazer Stern January, 1980
Star God Zaccaria May, 1980
Star Light Williams June, 1984
Star Pool Williams July, 1954
Star Pool Williams December, 1974
Star Race Gottlieb January, 1980
Star Ship Bally October, 1976
Star Shooter Allied Leisure January, 1979
Star Trek Gottlieb March, 1971
Star Trek Data East January, 1991
Star Trek Bally January, 1978
Star Trek (LE) Stern January, 2013
Star Trek (Premium Vault) Stern June, 2018
Star Trek (Premium) Stern November, 2013
Star Trek (Pro) Stern October, 2013
Star Trek (Vault) Stern June, 2018
Star Trek: The Next Generation Williams January, 1993
Star Trip Game Plan January, 1979
Star Wars Data East January, 1992
Star Wars Sonic January, 1987
Star Wars (Home Edition) Stern July, 2019
Star Wars (LE) Stern August, 2017
Star Wars (Premium) Stern August, 2017
Star Wars (Pro) Stern June, 2017
Star Wars Episode I Williams June, 1999
Star Wars Trilogy Sega March, 1997
Star-Flite Sonic January, 1975
Star-Jet Bally December, 1963
Star's Phoenix Zaccaria January, 1987
Stardust Williams October, 1971
Starfire Williams September, 1956
Stargate Gottlieb March, 1995
Starlite Williams March, 1953
Stars Stern March, 1978
Starship Troopers Sega January, 1997
Steeple-Chase Williams October, 1957
Stellar Airship Geiger March, 1980
Stellar Wars Williams March, 1979
Stingray Stern January, 1977
Stock Car Gottlieb January, 1970
Stop 'N' Go Williams August, 1964
Stop and Go Genco March, 1951
Storm Segasa January, 1979
Stormy Williams January, 1948
Straight Flush Williams October, 1970
Straight Flush Gottlieb November, 1957
Straight Shooter Gottlieb February, 1959
Strange Science Bally January, 1986
Strange World Gottlieb February, 1978
Stranger Things (Premium/LE) Stern December, 2019
Stranger Things (Pro) Stern December, 2019
Strato-Flite Williams July, 1974
Street Fighter II Gottlieb March, 1993
Strike Zaccaria January, 1974
Strike Zaccaria January, 1978
Strike Zone Williams September, 1970
Striker Gottlieb January, 1982
Striker Xtreme Stern January, 2000
Strikes and Spares Bally June, 1978
Stripping Funny Inder January, 1974
Struggle Buggies Williams November, 1953
Student Prince Williams June, 1968
Subway Gottlieb January, 1966
Subway Gottlieb October, 1966
Summer Time Williams February, 1973
Sun Valley Chicago Coin October, 1962
Sunday on Ice Rally January, 1961
Sunset Gottlieb November, 1962
Sunshine Gottlieb September, 1958
Super Bowl Bell Games January, 1984
Super Bowling Inder January, 1974
Super Canasta Quetzal Pinball October, 2019
Super Circus Gottlieb July, 1957
Super Duo Gottlieb July, 1967
Super Flipp A.A. Amusements January, 1987
Super Hockey Chicago Coin April, 1949
Super Jumbo Gottlieb October, 1954
Super Mario Bros. Gottlieb April, 1992
Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World Gottlieb June, 1992
Super Nova Game Plan May, 1982