All machines (1927)

Name Manufacturer Date
Tri-Score Genco January, 1951
Trident Stern March, 1979
Trigger Exhibit January, 1951
Trio Bally July, 1965
Triple Action Segasa February, 1974
Triple Action Williams February, 1974
Triple Strike Williams August, 1975
Triple X Williams October, 1973
Triplets Gottlieb July, 1950
Tropic Fun Williams May, 1973
Tropic Isle Gottlieb April, 1962
Truck Stop Bally January, 1988
Tucson Williams January, 1949
Turf Champ Williams July, 1958
Twenty Grand Williams December, 1952
Twilight Zone Bally May, 1993
Twin Bill Gottlieb January, 1955
Twin Win Bally February, 1974
Twin-Gain Recel January, 1977
Twinky Chicago Coin July, 1967
Twist Rally January, 1962
Twister Sega January, 1996
TX-Sector Gottlieb March, 1988
U-Boat 65 Bell Games June, 1988
UFO-X Playmatic January, 1984
Ultraman: Kaiju Rumble (SE) Spooky Pinball September, 2021
Underwater Recel June, 1976
Universe Gottlieb September, 1959
Universe Zaccaria January, 1976
Up Away Inder January, 1975
Vacation America Chicago Coin October, 2003
Vagabond Williams October, 1962
Valencia Williams July, 1975
Valiant Williams August, 1962
Valkyrie Jeutel January, 1982
Vampire Bally January, 1971
Varkon Williams January, 1982
Vector Bally March, 1981
Vegas Gottlieb July, 1990
Vegas Game Plan January, 1979
Verne's World Spinball February, 1996
Victory Gottlieb October, 1987
Viking Bally December, 1979
Viking Williams October, 1960
Viper Stern January, 1981
Viper Night Drivin' Sega January, 1998
Volcano Gottlieb January, 1981
Volèe Europlay January, 1977
Volley Gottlieb August, 1976
Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom Bally January, 1978
Vortex Taito January, 1983
Vulcan Gottlieb October, 1977
Wagon Train Gottlieb April, 1960
The Walking Dead (LE) Stern October, 2014
The Walking Dead (Premium) Stern January, 2015
The Walking Dead (Pro) Stern October, 2014
War Viza Manufacturing January, 1978
Warlok Williams January, 1982
Waterworld Gottlieb January, 1995
Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity Multimorphic February, 2022
West Club Rally June, 1967
West Show A.M.I. January, 1976
Wheel of Fortune Stern October, 2007
Whirl-Wind Gottlieb December, 1957
Whirlwind Williams January, 1990
White Force Unidesa January, 1987
White Shark Bell Coin Matic January, 1980
White Water Williams January, 1993
Whiz Kids Chicago Coin March, 1952
WHO dunnit Bally January, 1995
The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard Data East February, 1994
Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons Stern April, 2015
Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons WhizBang Pinball January, 2012
Whoopee Williams October, 1964
The Wiggler Bally August, 1967
Wild Card Williams October, 1977
Wild Fyre Stern January, 1978
Wild Life Gottlieb November, 1972
Wild Schutz Geiger January, 1980
Wild West Gottlieb August, 1951
Wild Wheels Bally February, 1966
Wild Wild West Gottlieb August, 1969
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Jersey Jack Pinball April, 2019
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (LE) Jersey Jack Pinball April, 2019
Wing Ding Williams December, 1964
Winner Sega January, 1971
Winner Williams May, 1972
Winter Sports Zaccaria January, 1978
Wipe Out Gottlieb January, 1993
Wisconsin United April, 1948
Wishing Well Gottlieb September, 1955
The Wizard of Oz Jersey Jack Pinball May, 2013
Wizard! Bally May, 1975
Wolf Man Peyper January, 1987
Wonderland Williams April, 1955
Wood's Queen (1P) Zaccaria January, 1976
Wood's Queen (2P) Zaccaria January, 1976
Wood's Queen (4P) Zaccaria January, 1976
World Beauties Gottlieb December, 1959
World Challenge Soccer Gottlieb February, 1994